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By Doug Williams
Azuka Theater, Proscenium at the Drake

Director Kevin Glaccum
Scenic Apollo Mark Weaver
Costume Natalia de la Torre
Lighting J. Dominic Chacon
Sound Larry D. Fowler, Jr.
Props Avista Custom Theatrical, LLC
Photos Johanna Austin Art


“The costume designer, Natalia de la Torre, makes the clothes speak volumes: watch the khakis. Watch the cuffs.” – Toby Zinman,

"“Natalie de la Torre’s costumes define the characters well, from Alex and Izzy’s
built-for-comfort casual wear to the khaki pants that mark Brandon as a
college boy who doesn’t belong in this hipster paradise. (In one of Williams’
best twists, Alex’s scorn for those khakis comes to haunt him.)– Tim Dunleavy, DC Metro Theater Arts

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