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EXILE 2588

Exile 2588

Almanac Dance Circus Theater,

Painted Bride Art Center

Director Nick Jonczak with devisors Nicole Burgio, Nick Gilette, Ben Grinberg, Lauren Johns, Mark Wong, Nick Jonczak
Scenic Peter Smith
Costumes Natalia de la Torre
Lighting Robin Stamey
Original Music Chickabiddy
Photos Dan Kontz

“Natalia De La Torre’s vaguely futuristic costumes allow an impressive range of movement and define multiple characters... Io is given a spaceship, plus two GADFLYs (Gene-Altering Droids that Fabricate Life and Youth) to watch over her on her infinite solo journey… distinguished by clever flexible costume pieces, basically harnesses and spines with LED lights.”

– Mark Cofta, Broad Street Review


“The gadfly characters tormenting her (as Hera’s stinging gadfly did in the source material) are
imaginatively costumed by Natalia de la Torre with illuminated, skeletal backbones.”

– Jonathan Stein, thINKing DANCE

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